Too long we have suffered in fear and shame, keeping secret the ways they’ve experienced trauma, hurt, or violation. When we can share our stories out loud and in print, and when we all kick down old walls of silence, cycles of abuse and pain can be broken, future violence prevented, and healing made possible.


Through published anthologies and live events, Sacred Hearts Rising creates venues for people who have experienced trauma to share their stories of finding freedom, healing, and hope.


Sacred Hearts Rising is a global community invested in eliminating the shame and silence that stifles the voices of people everywhere, and in elevating the stories that heal, transform, and build connection.



This means both honesty with self and others, facing the truth of one’s own life and expressing it, as well as calling out the truth of a damaging situation, system, or interaction. Deception breeds fear, shame, and abuse, but honesty clears the path for courage, responsibility, and compassion.



It takes courage to write and speak the truth of our lives. Sacred Hearts Rising values using our voices for those who have been silenced, defending women’s rights to be in charge of their own bodies, and stepping in and up to en-courage those who need it.



Healing and change don’t happen in isolation. Sacred Hearts Rising is committed to building compassionate, supportive communities where women receive whatever guidance, witness, tools, and space they need to freely express themselves.



We don’t heal and move forward to leave those who are suffering in the dust. Sacred Hearts Rising stays mindful of the needs of women in our local and global communities and takes steps to meet those needs when and how we can. We share resources, material and intangible. This is a generosity of time and effort, of funds and goods, and of spirit and heart.



Challenge, pain, and suffering are part of life. So is healing. We fall down, but we know that we can get up again. We trust in our power to bounce back and spring forward. We’ve learned that buried in our pain is the power to begin again.



When we set a goal, we keep at it. Determined women know how to work hard, play hard, and rest well. When to take small steps and big leaps, and when to take or make up an alternate route. We know how to get things done, for ourselves and each other.


Everyone has a story and Sacred Hearts Rising Summit: It’s Time recognizes that not all of us can openly talk about our secrets or the trauma we have suffered. This is an event about everyday women moving past the traumatic events.

In the Sacred Hearts Rising Summit event we educate, support and encourage those that have suffered that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With supporters in attendance we have started to help those still holding the dark secrets close to their hearts, afraid to let the whole world or their family and friends know their secrets.

Through the Sacred Hearts Rising book(s) we encourage women and men to share their stories about their past or traumatic events that have changed their lives. We have found that through talking about and sharing our painful pasts we all start to heal, one step at a time. The authors are able to shed their fear, shame or guilt about their trauma and they realize that they are not alone in their struggles. The stories are inspirational and heart felt and show the reader that they too can move past their own stories to have a fuller life if they choose to.

The topics range from sexual abuse, sexual molestation, cyber sexual exploitation, incest, rape, mental illness, suicide, abandonment, grief, loss, near death, domestic violence, spiritual elements to cancers, all that have impacted their lives.


There really is no topic off limits. That is the purpose of Sacred Hearts Rising to finally break the silence around stories that so many of us face alone, because nobody wants to talk about it. But the silence around the stories is deadly and women, men and children need to be able to feel safe and free to share their own stories. There is no story bigger than the last, they are all of our stories.

Many studies have been done about the long term effects of abuse and trauma on our health in later life from holding on their stories. Sacred Hearts Rising understands those health effects and is working to help those in need, shed their past and step into a new future. But we cannot do it alone, the women and men have to take an active role is wanting to change their lives further than what we can provide. We are just a stepping stone in their journey to healing.

Sacred Hearts Rising has also created a movement called “Create the Change”, this is a movement that simply is saying: me too, it’s time, no more. Create the Change is simply that, we want to create changes in our laws and policies, in how society perceives domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual molestation and how police policies and government treat victims of sexual crimes. We want victims to be treated fairly and not victimized once more by the legal system. We want to Create the Change for the betterment of Women and Children around the world.

You can join our mission by becoming a member of Create The Change and to stand up and say: “We stand against domestic violence and abuse against women and children in all its forms.”

The Summit has speakers and guests from across North America, the theme is all about inspiring and encouraging women by giving them hope and examples of healing pathways so that they can move past the traumatic events that affect them physically and mentally. In addition to these speakers we will be having live performances by two Canadian singer/songwriters and offering self-defense training, heart yoga, line dancing and a drumming healing circle.

Brenda Hammon
CEO and Founder of Sacred Hearts Rising