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Thyra Whitford  |  Director  |  Calgary, Alberta and Online



Thyra Whitford is an artist, author, and energy healer. As an energy healer, she has training in Reiki and Multi-reflexology, and utilizes her natural gifts as an empath, intuitive, clairsentient, and clairaudient, to assist others in better understanding the messages of the body, and life-path journeys. She offers private and confidential sessions, as well as group courses for other empaths and those interested in discovering and exploring their own gifts.

Thyra’s first book was A Reference Guide for Empaths, and she’s in the process of completing a children’s book about the value of recycling, as well as a series of novels that describe many of the spiritual happenings she has been privy to during her time as a healer.

Thyra sold her first piece of art in 1995, and many pieces since. Her media varies from wildlife realism in oils, to portraits and nature in acrylics, sculpting and sculpting on canvas, illustrations for logos, signs, and books, as well as drawings, paintings and canvas sculptures of the Divine Guides and Guardians that walk with us, as she sees them.

Thyra Whitford, RMP, MRT