Are you ready to inspire others with how you healed from your past or overcame a challenge in your life?

Have you always wanted to write about your journey but didn’t quite know how or where to begin?

Spirit Creek Publishing wants to help. We are creating a compilation book of stories from survivors of sexual, physical, mental, emotional abuse and addictions to people who have lost a child or have a child with special needs, people who have suffered a trauma that changed their lives and who have been adopted. We want to share your challenges and triumphs of your own unique journey.

Why do it? I ask the question: Why not do it!

Your story may be the key that unlocks another person’s prison. By sharing your story of inspiration you will be helping others who are silent that have no voice or are afraid to voice their story. You will be giving hope to someone else when they feel all hope is gone.

Your chapter would be about 1800 – 2200 words long (about 8 double-spaced pages), and you would have the benefit of a writing coach and professional editor. Your bio will be 150 words.

Spirit Creek Publishing, takes care of all the back end work of the production, printing, distribution, and promotion.
Your only job is to write your chapter and then share the published book with your friends, wearing your new title as a published author.

To self-publish a book, using professional services like developmental editing, copy editing, cover and layout, formatting, with some marketing and promoting,   the cost varies from $10,000 to $15,000. Still, you have to also do your own marketing and promoting of your book.

With each contributor paying a small fee, we all can tell our stories and have the support of other women going on the same journey of discovery.

So why share your story with me?

I am a story teller of true life events that nobody wants to talk about. I have two books that are International Best Sellers, Hear Me: No longer silent, 2017 and I AM: Kicking Down the Walls of Silence, 2016 and An International Award Winner for:  I AM: Kicking Down the Walls of Silence in 2017.

I have also been asked and have written chapters in several Anthologies:

  • We Choose to Thrive, 30 Authors who share their stories about how they choose to Thrive after Abuse. This book was also in an International Best Seller 2016
  • When Women Talk, 30 Authors share their stories that made them who they are today, Best Seller 2017
  • Business Divas: 20 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs Share How They Use Business as a Tool for Positive Change, also soon to be released in August 2017

I, first hand know what it is like to overcome certain difficult challenges in life and how empowering it is to achieve that.

Published March 2018: #1 International Best Seller

Sacred Hearts Rising: Breaking The Silence One Story at a Time

was the first book with 25 women writing their inspirational stories, their lives have been forever changed because of sharing their stories and their journey to the life they always wanted.

Some of the women sharing their stories had already gone on their own healing journey and wanted to share their success with you, while some were sharing their stories for the very first time and felt such empowerment in finally releasing all the darkness that plagued them for years.  ALL of them are glad that they broke the silence and look forward to bigger and better things in their new future. Each of them journeyed on their own but also in the company of other women who also embarked on their journey in writing their stories. Together they stood shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm, forging forward to breaking the silence around their own personal stories.

Their stories included, grief, loss, sexual abuse, incest, rape, domestic violence, suicide, and abandonment, near death, cancer, addictions, mental and emotional abuse, narcissistic relationships and more. They are powerful and inspirational stories that each one wanted to share with you so that you can see by their actions that there is a better way to live life.

There are lots of opportunities that have become available to the authors since telling their stories. Some have decided that speaking was their new future, while others used the book in their business’s and health and wellness centers. One even is opening up her own Trauma Center, several are helping other women who have lost their own identity, while some are role models for the younger generation, and one is helping other parents that are faced with challenges.

The list is endless with opportunities to step forward and into new possibilities if they choose them. Ultimately they all have the choice to create the life they want when the opportunities present themselves, they are in the driver’s seat, no longer the passenger in life but an active participant.

Share your story

So why am I doing this?

I have been where you may be right now in your life or have been in your life.
I know what it took for me to gain my life back and I tell my own story as a source of inspiration for others who are walking or who are about to walk this path.

I know firsthand that sharing my own story has made a difference in both myself and I have seen the difference it has made in other survivors of abuse and addictions.

I know that my story is making a difference in the world.

So join me in creating a wave of strong survivors who have conquered their demons from the past and show others that it is possible to have a happy life after abuse and addictions.

Join me...

in creating a wave of strong survivors who have conquered their demons from the past and show others that it is possible to have a happy life after abuse and addictions.