What does a Sacred Hearts Rising Membership look like?

Sacred Hearts Rising is heart center online network that supports and empowers women who have a past.

And who doesn’t have one of those?

They are speakers, authors, advisors, entrepreneurs, small home based businesses and large businesses and so many more. There are members who have products and services to share and others who have personal experience and wisdom in dealing with the trauma of our pasts. We are breaking the silence one story at a time and creating the change for others to live the life of their dreams.

We are a community of women who want to in affect create positive change for others. We want to empower and inspire others with the wisdom that we have gained through walking down our own journey of healing.

Sacred Hearts members are committed to spreading the message that you are NOT ALONE in your struggles and that there is hope and understanding during your own journey.

Sacred Hearts members make the commitment to serve women and children who have no voice due to fear, shame and even guilt about what has happened to them.  We are there to stand shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm for those who are thinking or just beginning their own journey towards their own personal healing.

Sacred Hearts Rising is also an online referral network for the members to access to get the services that they are seeking, whether it be personal services or business services.

Through the Membership Page you will be able to promote what you do and what you stand for.  You will have the opportunity to create changes for other women and to create further change for yourself.

So why should you join?

By joining Sacred Hearts Rising Membership (SHR).

  • You have a desire to help others when you share your story.
  • You have the opportunity to share your genius by speaking at Sacred Hearts Rising Events wherever they are held.
  • Only SHR Members have access to the Sacred Hearts Rising stage.
  • Only SHR Members can show case their products and /or services at a discounted rate at SHR events.
  • You value being a part of the Sacred Hearts Global Community.
  • You are ready to step forward into your life.
  • SHR Members will get a discounted price to enter their story into the Sacred Hearts Rising Anthology Books.
  • You are ready to move your business forward with like-minded women.
  • You are committed and passionate about ‘Create The Change’ movement. #MeTooItsTimeNoMore, so that other women and children hopefully will not suffer the same way a lot of us have due to sexual abuse and/or domestic violence.
  • You have the unique opportunity to engage and be a part of the grassroots movement SHR is creating.
  • All members have the opportunity to have a special feature in the Membership page.

So if you are a women who wants to stand on top of her story instead of knee deep in the muck of it.

If you are a small business owner that would love to collaborate with like-minded women.

If you are ready and able to give back to those in need in a meaningful way.

If you are ready to create and to have a better life and understand that united as women we are stronger, then this is where you need to be.

Sacred Heart

Create the Change: If you are a woman who wants to help see changes in our laws and policies….

If you are a woman who wants to be a part of something bigger than ourselves…..

If you are a woman who stands beside other women, helping them….

If you are a woman who is willing to stand up and help create changes….

If you are a woman who is not afraid to have a voice in changing laws and policies….

Then you are a woman we need in helping change how victims of abuse, domestic violence, cyber sexual attacks, and more are treated.

So if you are ready to take the next leap of faith and join a growing movement then join us today.

The world needs more Sacred Hearts Rising Ambassadors who want to make life better for other women around the world.

Around the world, women are in need of inspiration and empowerment to rise above their circumstances. As members we must reach out and help create the change that is needed as we help women write a whole new life for themselves.

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