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A Leader for Change Chapter is an event that creates opportunities for others that are still silent about their own stories:  to see, feel and understand that they are not alone. That whatever has happened to them has indeed also happened to others. It is a place where friends and family can get together and share laughter and tears and be inspired by others who have and are finding their voices. A place of rejoining, a place with guilt, shame and fear did not reside.

It is a heart-centered event that offers encouragement and understanding and ultimately a place to unleash the burdens of their stories with guidance and support. Everyone has the opportunity to become a part of something bigger than they are, a place where all of our stories matter, and where we learn that sharing our stories is truly healing, not only for you but for others.

You can become members, join our newsletter to stay connected and/or write their own story in one of our Anthology Books.

The future of Sacred Hearts Rising is global movement with women, men and children sharing on our stage and/or in our books breaking the silence around the world.

Unfortunately, we will never run out of stories but standing together we will create a positive change for others through our own journey.


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Marta Clay

Marta Clay

With nineteen years of experience in the financial services industry, Marta Clay is a Senior Vice President Partner with Primerica Financial Services. Members of the Financial Independence Council with Primerica, she and her husband, recently received the company’s highest award, they were inducted into the Wall of Fame.

Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Marta currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, with her husband, Don, and son, Kurtis. They enjoy traveling extensively and spending quality time with family, and the friends they’ve acquired since moving to the Great White North.

Marta’s passion is to help people’s dreams come true. She accomplishes this through her family’s financial service endeavor. Also, as a natural planner, she’s spent many years designing once-in-a-lifetime events for momentous occasions in her friends’ and family’s lives.






Luis Mora-Castillon 

Luis Mora-Castillon

Luis A. Mora Castillon, a loving husband and father, was born in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico to a well-known family in town. As the eldest son of five siblings, he moved to Canada in 2004 to apply his 20 years of experience as an engineering project manager. Luis enjoys socializing, cooking Mexican food, hiking, reading, and of course, lovingly spending as much time playing with his son, Odin. He now looks to help others by sharing his story and encouraging equal treatment in the court system and within society for single-parent men.





Jennifer Wood

Jennifer is a small business owner who is passionate about her work and her clients, with over 25 years in the beauty industry. She has learned beauty runs much deeper that physical appearances. She helps empower women by helping them embrace their own unique and imperfect beauty. She is purposeful in assisting women to understand the invaluable importance of self-love. She volunteers her time mentoring and inspiring others by sharing her experience giving others the gift of hope.

Jennifer decided over six years ago to accept help for her disease of addiction instead of continuing to kill herself with drugs, she needed to make significant life changes and take responsibility for her life, that’s exactly what she did.

Jennifer is a devoted partner, Mom, Step Mom, Sister and Auntie to those she cherishes most. Today she lives in gratitude and the miracle of the moment.

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