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A platform for candid conversations

For the longest time I never knew where to go for help regarding my legal rights, where to find healing help and how do I get out of debt after a divorce. I knew that if I had these questions other people probably had similar questions and more. So I created Let’s Chat.

Let’s Chat is a platform for professionals to share their knowledge and answer questions. These three women have shared with us their own personal journeys in the Sacred Hearts Rising Anthology Series and understand fully what challenges we face regarding traumas and moving forward successfully.

We will be posting all the videos on a weekly basis on the Sacred Hearts rising Facebook page. If you have a question you would like answered please place it in the comments section during the video or private message me, Brenda Hammon, and we will answer your question in one of the up and coming segments. All of the videos are for your knowledge, so you can better prepare and/or equip yourself with key knowledge along your journey of life.

Our Sacred Hearts Rising, Let’s Chat professionals to date are:

Laureen Nowlan-Card discussing questions surrounding the topics of  ‘Where Do I stand Legally?’

Nadine Hanchar discussing questions surrounding the topics of ‘Therapy, What does that like look?’

Shey Hennig discussing questions surrounding the topics of ‘Money Matters, things I need to know.

Laureen Nowlan-Card

Laureen is a Crown Prosecutor with the BC Ministry of Attorney General and has been practising criminal law since 1997. She obtained her Law Degree from Dalhousie University of Nova Scotia, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Political Science at Acadia University. Over her 23 years prosecuting criminal matters, Laureen had worked with thousands of victims of crime, including all forms of abuse. She is both trained and highly experienced in Trauma Informed Practice.
Six years ago Laureen expanded her career to include Life Coaching for women in the areas of Women’s Empowerment and Public Speaking. Laureen is the founder of Women Thriving After Trauma, an online community of resources.

Nadine Hanchar

Nadine is a counsellor, consultant, speaker and trainer since 1986. She recently became a international bestselling author.

Nadine is proficient is a wide range of modalities and disciplines and has taught most of the therapies and techniques she uses.

Nadine specializes in working with trauma, abuse, relationship issues and communication. Her result-oriented approach is designed to resolve the root cause of issues. This allows the person, couple, family or organization to go forward with a better quality of life.

Shey Hennig

Shey Hennig is a Regional Vice President at Primerica since 2007, her main focus is on helping people to achieve their financial dreams. As a successful Financial Coach Shey helps others to understand how they can get their money to work for them.

She studied Music, Phys Ed and English at Brandon University and was class of 1988 and is an acclaimed vocalist.

Having had suffered financial ruin after her divorce, Shey has made it her mission to help educate many regarding Money Matters and is seated on an advisory board for women in North America.