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Jo Dibblee | Cornwall, Ontario – Virtual


Jo Dibblee is determined to be the change she seeks by educating, empowering, and elevating others via access, connection, clarity, collaboration, knowledge, resources and most importantly results.

She is a Social Entrepreneur who sees it as her responsibility to give back both locally and globally. The founder of Frock Off Inc., and Team Humanity Baja Jo is described as a tenacious and fearless philanthropist – a catalyst to change. She works with heart-centered individuals who are committed to being the change. Her signature events “Ignite You Baja” ensure outcome-based results and sustainable change for not-for-profits.

Jo is driven by her passion and purpose which stems from living in hiding for 35 years as a key witness in a murder investigation. Her memoir Frock Off: Living Undisguised has been internationally awarded five times. She is a best-selling, published author, entrepreneur, speaker and breakthrough expert who hosts voluntourism events in Baja Mexico. These events serve the poorest of poor and abandoned animals.  She has been featured in Canadian media nationwide and in the Huffington Post.

To learn more and join her community go to www.frock-off.com. 

Event Details: www.frockofflive.com

Facebook: Jo Dibblee and A Frock-alicious Life

Twitter: @FrockNoMore


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