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Jay Rothman | Cornwall, Ontario – Virtual


This is a story of a typical married family man who had it all but was empty on the inside. Just going through life’s routines, by the time Jay crashed he was near death. Having lost everything and bankrupt mind, body & soul, Jay had to be willing to have the courage to change. It has been close to a four year healing process digging deep within to heal the wounds and traumas at the core.

Today, Jay shares his healing journey in a very public manner through social media. He is dedicated to three live weekly shows, blogging and spontaneous live moments from the mountain trails of Arizona. Jay is a certified transformational, mindset, corporate & health/wellness coach.

Jay is active in workshops, private group, individual, & corporate coaching across the globe. In addition, Jay will be a published author in the upcoming anthology series, Sacred Hearts Rising Book III “Spirits of life”.

Jay’s intention and passion is to inspire others to improve their own lives by having the courage to change.

P. 562-505-4670

E. jayrothman@healmindbodysoul.com

#1 International Best Selling Author (Magnetic Entreprenuer, Our Vision 2019)

WebTV Host, Podcast, Coach, & International Speaker





Podcast: https://anchor.fm/jay-rothman

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPVx-9ITIGMbGeMpW622r3g


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