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Through the Sacred Hearts Rising book(s) we encourage women and men to share their stories about their past or traumatic events that have changed their lives. 

We have found that through talking about and sharing our painful pasts we all start to heal, one step at a time. The authors are able to shed their fear, shame or guilt about their trauma and they realize that they are not alone in their struggles. The stories are inspirational and heart felt and show the reader that they too can move past their own stories to have a fuller life if they choose to.

“Sparks of Light” is the third installation in the Sacred Hearts Anthology. It’s a collection of stories that highlights the strength and willingness to overcome some of the most traumatic events ever endured. But more importantly, it is a compilation of self-discovery and self-acceptance by a diverse group of women, men, and young adults from around the world who demonstrate there is no shame in our personal journeys. On these pages, these brave hearts rise above abuse, neglect, and trauma to live full bright lives, and become a beacon of light illuminating a path for others to follow.

Whether you’ve personally experienced abuse or know someone who has, Sacred Hearts Rising: Sparks of Light will inspire you to speak your truth, to shine brightly, and never live in the shadows of shame.

International best-selling and award-winning author, Brenda Hammon, continues to inspire and challenge the notion that abuse and trauma should be hidden. Through her Sacred Hearts Rising series.