SHR Leaders for Change Virtual

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Date(s) - 04/09/2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Thyra Whitford | Calgary, Alberta and Online


This is an online event hosted on the Zoom Video Conference app (the app is free). When you have registered, you will receive a link to the Zoom meeting via email. Five minutes before the event, you can click on the link to download the app and join the meeting.

A Leader for Change Chapter is an event that creates opportunities for others that are still silent about their own stories:  to see, feel and understand that they are not alone. That whatever has happened to them has indeed also happened to others. It is a place where friends and family can get together and share laughter and tears and be inspired by others who have and are finding their voices. A place of rejoining, a place with guilt, shame and fear did not reside.

It is a heart-centered event that offers encouragement and understanding and ultimately a place to unleash the burdens of their stories with guidance and support. Everyone has the opportunity to become a part of something bigger than they are, a place where all of our stories matter, and where we learn that sharing our stories is truly healing, not only for you but for others.

You can become members, join our newsletter to stay connected and/or write their own story in one of our Anthology Books.

The future of Sacred Hearts Rising is global movement with women, men and children sharing on our stage and/or in our books breaking the silence around the world.

Unfortunately, we will never run out of stories but standing together we will create a positive change for others through our own journey.


Thyra Whitford

The Director of the Calgary/Virtual Chapter , and Author in International Best Seller Sacred Hearts Rising: Breaking the Silence one story at a Time.

Thyra Whitford is an artist, author, and energy healer. As an energy healer, she has training in Reiki and Multi-reflexology, and utilizes her natural gifts as an empath, intuitive, clairsentient, and clairaudient, to assist others in better understanding the messages of the body, and life-path journeys. She offers private and confidential sessions, as well as group courses for other empaths and those interested in discovering and exploring their own gifts.

Thyra’s first book was A Reference Guide for Empaths, and she’s in the process of completing a children’s book about the value of recycling, as well as a series of novels that describe many of the spiritual happenings she has been privy to during her time as a healer.

Thyra sold her first piece of art in 1995, and many pieces since. Her media varies from wildlife realism in oils, to portraits and nature in acrylics, sculpting and sculpting on canvas, illustrations for logos, signs, and books, as well as drawings, paintings and canvas sculptures of the Divine Guides and Guardians that walk with us, as she sees them.

Brenda Hammon

The CEO and Founder of Sacred Hearts Rising, Four time International Best Seller, author in Sacred Hearts Rising: Breaking the Silence One Story at a Time,  Finding Your Wings and Sparks of Light

Brenda Hammon is an Alberta based philanthropist, entrepreneur, international speaker, International award-winning and bestselling author, goal setter and big dreamer with a mission in life to create positive change for others. In 2004, Brenda became a fulltime entrepreneur and over the next 13 years built companies that fit her passion for helping others achieve their dreams. She is a vocal advocate for helping others overcome traumatic pasts. Brenda fully believes that when women share their stories and stand together they can change the world to be a better place for all. To that end, she launched Sacred Hearts Rising, a movement that brings awareness to traumatic events that sometimes plague us, and encourages healing, as well as anthologies of stories from women and men who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. She hosts a yearly event which honours and inspires others to lead a better life.

Laureen Nowlan-CardLaureen Nowlan-Card

The Author from the International Best Seller Sacred Hearts Rising: Finding Your Wings

Transformational Life Coach, Speaker Coach, Author, and Speaker

Laureen Nowlan-Card has been an advocate for women and children her whole adult life. Her natural passion for advocacy led to a successful career as a courtroom lawyer for over 20 years. Five years ago she decided that she wanted to support women in a more proactive and personal way, and became a certified Transformational Life Coach and then the first Canadian certified in Emotional Liberation Therapy. Laureen guides women to release their self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and to work with their emotions so they can attain increased joy and peace, rather than continuing to be overwhelmed by difficult emotions. Laureen is also the founder of Victoria WomanSpeak and Victoria GirlSpeak – public speaking training, where she is proud to help women and girls unleash the brilliance of their   voices and ideas. Believing deeply in community and that “we were never meant to do all this alone”, Laureen also facilitates women’s sharing circles and has founded The Oasis for Women.

Holly HolmbergHolly Holmberg

Author from Sacred Hearts Rising: Breaking the Silence One Story at a TimeSacred Hearst Rising: Finding Your Wings

One of Canada’s leading animal and intuitive professional Essential Oil Therapists, Holly Holmberg is an international keynote aromatherapy speaker, Canadian Navy Veteran, former Olympic level Biathlete and contributing author to the number one international best seller “Sacred Hearts Rising” Vol. 1.

She is the light worker and Clinical Aroma Therapist behind “Quantum Soul Mechanic ~ vibrational soul thread reconnection”, “Red Horse Aromatherapy ~ therapeutic essential oils and blends” and “Enchanted Forest Adventure Retreats ~ reconnecting you to Mother Earth and your earthly vibe”.

Holly’s “in the trenches” coaching style teaches others how to use their life experiences to find their Power Within and focus on where they are going to, not what they are going through.


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