January 21, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
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Daphne McDonagh

Rehabilitation & Wellness Practitioner
Healing Energy Coach
Universal Sphere Practitioner
Animal Communicator
Crystal and Cold Laser Therapist
Aura Reading TranslatorI help animals and people to live a life on purpose and without pain using an array of complementary modalities. Everybody’s bodies are different, so I will meet you where you are at with love and be your conduit to channel the healing energies you are needing at the time, when you are ready to transition to the next level of your life.
Daphne McDonagh
Rehabilitation & Wellness Practitioner
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Stephen Douris

Stephen Douris is recently retired from a 51 year career in the transport industry, working in a variety of
capacities ranging from truck driver to logistics agent, dispatch to sales. He was also the successful, fully
involved owner of two companies, one transport and one courier. Prior to retirement, he became
increasingly interested in workplace health and safety, and functioned as a driver representative in a
non-unionized company. This interest was in large part due to his perception that abuse of power at the
management level was increasingly causing mental health related issues in the employees, and that no
readily accessible mental health-related services were available: employees who required them were
either unaware they existed, or unsupported by management if they did try to access them.
Having gone through his own experiences with depression, having to declare personal bankruptcy, and
losing everything, including his income and his house, he became aware of similar signs of depression in
his colleagues. Whereas he had support throughout his battle, he saw others without that same
support, compounded with workplace pressures which increased as performance decreased. Job losses
due to poor performance, along with loss of health benefits, compounded desperate situations, and
resulted in at least one case of suicide. He felt that his experience would be of benefit to those others
struggling, that speaking would make it ‘less shameful’ in the context of male stoicism in that
workplace, and that it was just ‘the right thing to do’.
His goal going forward is to continue to speak out, raise awareness of this rapidly emerging health care
issue, and work towards becoming a facilitator in the arena of mental health.
“We must begin to talk openly about the issues that most of us, or one of our family members, have
faced or will likely face at one point in life. Once it is out in the open, then it can begin to be solved. We
are all in this together. It affects all of us. We all suffer, but we don’t always know how to help, and it is
my goal to make sure that those who feel alone are made aware that they are not.”



Rika Harris


Rika is an intuitive, compassionate, and love-cntered healer, guide, and facilitator for change and

Helping others to find their voices and feel valued and validated lights her up and this light and love are
reflected back to her clients. She passionately believes that we can make a difference in our world by
connecting heart to heart and being sacred mirrors for each other.She has a deeply held conviction that we are meant to connect with each other and to have meaningful
and caring relationships. Her main focus is to offer Compassionate Listening for those who do not feel
heard or accepted offering a safe and non-judgemental space and listening with an open heard and mind.
Everyone wants to be heard – someone has to listen.