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Colleen Songs | Cornwall, Ontario – Virtual


A Story Steeped in Sound

Colleen Songs is a proud a Canadian born-and-raised ‘Writer of Word and Song’.

From writing her first song at the age of 14 to aide her communication with elderly parents, to currently working on her career as a hired wordsmith, professional musician, independent published author, and commissioned poet Colleen has written her way through adolescence, love, heartbreak, back to love, motherhood, conquering MS, trauma, loss, self-discovery and joy within her present moment.

Inspiring listeners through song and empowering readers through word, Colleen is here in service to use the gift of story to free herself, you, and others of blame, guilt, fear, anger and loss of hope by claiming the stories we write ourselves every moment of every day.

Her music and speaking journey has brought her as far as Nashville’s Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame, to the stages of eWomen Network, Women Embracing Brilliance, Dreams Take Flight, Kamp Kiwanis, WomenTalk, Blue-Friday and most recently Gems for Gems and Sacred Hearts Rising!

Colleen has published a memoir, INHALE, about her escape from a narcissistic spouse who became severely mentally ill. Writing about it shifted the story from trauma and fear to forgiveness and beauty, opening a conversation kept hidden by many: the other side of mental illness and suicide.

Since the release of INHALE Colleen Songs has intertwined her Public Speaking with prose and music. It has become her signature during key speaking engagements.

Since 2016 Colleen has evolved into a commissioned writer. Through the avenue of the written word, she has been able to transform her client’s thoughts, hopes, dreams and life goals into words that inspire them to live fully.

Currently, Colleen is in the midst of writing and producing a future album, “Inhale” with her daughter and Nashville Grammy-nominated producer Billy Smiley and Sound Kitchen to accompany her ‘Book-Singing’ tour. Colleen’s awakening album ‘This Life’, with BCCMA and CCMA Award Winning Producer, Tom McKillip, is also in the works as she creates new songs, a new direction, and a new hope that will bring a fresh injection and collaboration to all the stories that have made up her life.

Colleen aims to encourage lost dreamers to use their unique gifts and talents to guide them back to life.

With her slogan of “Dreams Never Expire” Colleen aims to support anyone’s dream of any gender, age, or gift-ability (NOT dis-ability).

Colleen Songs just keeps on singing and writing no matter what, and she inspires the priceless gems within each of us called Gifts and Talents that help us live a life well loved.

xo Colleen Songs

WEBSITE: www.colleensongs.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/iamcolleensongs

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/iamcolleensongs

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/iamcolleensongs

REVERBNATION: https://www.reverbnation.com/colleensongs


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