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Knowing Me, Knowing You


By Colleen Songs

Colleen Songs is a Canadian Singer-Songwriter who has been spreading her message of using your gifts and talents to lead you to the fulfillment of your wildest dreams. She began singing and writing when she was 14 and used her talent to accompany her through adolescence, romance, heartache, back to love, motherhood, wellness, trauma, and the loss of loved ones to the new-age plague called suicide.

She has fought MS successfully for the past 23 years and has never stopped beating the odds! Colleen released her debut album, ‘Looking at Love’ in 2010, recorded and produced with Disney Cruises’ s Chilean guitarist/composer, Rodrigo Figueroa. After several years of sharing her look at love with audiences around Alberta and British Columbia, Colleen has recently started singing again following a car accident in 2014 that caused her to have emergency neck surgery leaving her voiceless for many months.

Currently Colleen is in the midst of producing her second album, ‘This Life’, with BCCMA and
CCMA Award Winning Producer, Tom McKillip. A third album ‘Inhale’ is in the works with
Nashville’s Grammy- Nominated producer, Billy Smiley to compliment her memoir, ‘INHALE’ ,
published on January 1, 2018 with Tellwell Publishing Canada. ‘INHALE’ is based on a chapter
in her life as a Caregiver of a loved one with severe NPD and Mental Illness where the gift of
music kept her alive through to her escape.
Her music and speaking journey has brought her as far as Nashville’s Canadian Country Music
Hall Of Fame ‘New Faces’ project, to the stages of eWomen Network, Women Embracing
Brilliance, Dreams Take Flight, Kamp Kiwanis, WomenTalk , Blue-Friday and most recently
Gems for Gems and Sacred Hearts Rising!
With her slogan of “Dreams Never Expire” Colleen aims to support anyone’s dream of any
gender, age, or gift-ability (NOT dis-ability).
Colleen Songs just keeps on singing and writing no matter what, and she inspires the priceless
gems within each of us called Gifts and Talents that help us live a life well loved.

xo Colleen Songs

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