Sacred Hearts Rising


This is an inspirational and motivation event about empowering and uniting women. The day is based around the book, the Sacred Hearts Rising Anthology, and the movement of women uniting across the world to stop domestic and sexual violence.

The event will help women rise above their trauma and help them live their life despite their past by owning their stories.  Join the authors and celebrate the Sacred Hearts “It’s time” movement.  When you consider the recent events all over the world, specifically the Hollywood uprising of women coming forward, it is apparent that it is, indeed, time for our movement of “It’s time”.

It’s time to acknowledge your past.
It’s time to heal and forgive yourself.
It’s time to live unashamedly.
It’s time to let go of the trauma.
It’s time to speak up.
It’s time let go of victimhood.
It’s time to rise above your pain.
It’s time create common connection

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Sacred Hearts Rising Summit 2018 Official Video