Sacred Hearts Rising


The Sacred Hearts Rising Summit is an inspirational and motivational event about empowering and uniting people around the world. The day is all about breaking the silence that surrounds so many of our hidden stories from our pasts and our present. These are the stories people are afraid to talk about either through fear, guilt or shame. The stories that people so often tell us to ‘get over it’, the stories no one wants to discuss. The stories of illness that we are born with that few understand. The stories that our families don’t want to discuss, the stories that can and will and do destroy our happiness. It is time to break the silence and the cycle of many of our stories.

Sacred Hearts Rising Summit offers assistance globally to chosen charities and organizations that need help. We are committed to #creatingthechange both in our own communities, country and globally.

Sacred Hearts Rising is a movement of people uniting across the world to stop domestic violence, sexual violence, mental and emotional abuse, to help understand our grief and our losses, to help us get back our power that was lost through our shared inspirational and empowering stories.

The Annual Sacred Hearts Rising Summit helps people rise above their trauma and encourages them to live their life despite their past and present situation by owning their stories.

The Sacred Hearts Rising Anthology series is a collection of stories that affect us. There is no topic off limits and all the stories are inspirational and healing for both the writer and the reader. So if you would like to share your stories and want to help others then this is the place.

Join the authors and celebrate Sacred Hearts Rising “It’s time” movement.  When you consider the News stories from all over the world regarding child brides, sex trafficking, domestic violence, narcissistic relationships that sometimes end up with one person being murdered, illness on the up rise, Hollywood celebrities coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse, it is apparent that it is, indeed, time us to put our collective energies together to take a stand and finally put a stop to this insanity, both for ourselves and the world.

It’s time to acknowledge your past.
It’s time to heal and forgive yourself.
It’s time to live unashamedly.
It’s time to let go of the trauma.
It’s time to speak up.
It’s time let go of victimhood.
It’s time to rise above your pain.
It’s time create common connection
It’s time to create the change in the world you seek within yourselves.

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Sacred Hearts Rising Summit 2018 Official Video